Hello Goodbye

    Picking your loved ones up at the airport can be a hassle. What time do I have to leave home? How long will it take them to get through customs and pick up their luggage? What terminal will they arrive at? How long before I can see them again? Connect to your loved ones and get real-time insight in their flight status, location on the airport and time until you can finally see them again.

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    Enjoying your favorite bands at a festival can be a parching experience. Something that would be a lot better with beer, the solution to this should be mobile beer tenders but you have to be 7 foot to spot them and spend valuable entertainment time keeping an eye out to see if they are close to you. With BaaS - Beer as a Service! We fix all of these issues. Using our app a customer can receive a push notification when a beer tender is close by. And they can also see where mobile beer tenders are, even if they are out of sight. Transporthe festival organizer can optimise their earnings with BaaS Data solutions: Happy customers with empty wallets, what could be better?!

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    Recept It

    Reverse engineer what you have in cupboard to a recipe.
    We have created a method to find recipes fitting with the closest match of all the ingredients you already have at home!

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    You know the feeling of waiting on your package to be delivered? The frustration of waiting for an unanswered doorbell? Time is a precious thing.
    Let's stop wasting it.

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    Pointing you in the right direction
    We match your spoken holiday thoughts to the best flight destinations. We base our recommendation on your whishes, your budget and your agenda.

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    Entrepreneurs need good advise to make informed decisions to become successful with their startups.
    We provide a website to analyse market and decide their best startup business with a suitable location, workforce availability & minimum capital investment.

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  • WORK


    We would like to improve the experience and flexibility for employees and employment agencies. Bring the workforce into the 21th century.

    Help the digitization of the employment agencies by empowering job applicants.

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    Roast Elephant

    Spotify your meals!
    Our mobile solution will recognise your taste profile within 30 seconds using advanced machine learning algorithms. It learns and improves what it thinks you like, from a stack of images with ingredients, recipes and other prompts.

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It's not over!
If there's mutual interest between teams and partners
there might be incubation and collaboration opportunities.


Get your hands dirty with datasets and APIs provided by the partners,
choose the track that inspires you the most and get creative!
One goal to keep in mind: make life easier.

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